A New Perspective- Part 2

I wrote "A New Perspective" during my girls hospital stay after their car accident.  You may want to go here first to read it.

This blog is a follow-up to that...

In the last week I have found myself several times going across that same bridge.

A friend and I drove acoss that bridge again early this morning when we picked up a mom that is choosing to enter treatment instead of going back to the streets.  Her precious little girl is staying in our home until she is ready for the baby to join her.

I share this follow-up post to remind you... God still speaks to His people today.

Somehow we get caught up in the method He chooses to speak, but the bottom line is, He speaks.

And I'm convinced that more often than not, it's how He spoke to Elijah...

in a still small voice.

The night God spoke to me on my drive home from the hospital was unexpected, normal and supernatural all rolled up together.

All by myself,

no fancy preacher or prophet around...

no burning bush...

just me and God.

I also share this to remind you that when God speaks, we have a choice.

Just like Mary had a choice when the angel appeared to her and told of God's plan...

Mary chose to say, "Be it unto me..."

On that drive home that night I said "Yes".

Did I know all the details of what that 'yes' meant?

Absolutley not!

But that 'yes', was saying yes to trusting God.

Trusting that whatever He was calling me to, He would direct, guide and provide.

Even though I felt a shift in my spirit that night,  I haven't gone looking for anything  'new'.

I haven't tried to figure out what all the 'new perspective' will mean for me.  I've just been walking through the doors God has been opening for me and trusting.  And seeing things from a different perspective.

So when I found myself in the car last week driving over "my perspective bridge" with a friend from Amplify, one of the founders of Grace Ministries and a girl just released from jail, I wasn't prepared for the emotions I felt rising up.  I didn't hear the conversations in the car between the other women for a few minutes.  I was overwhelmed with the memories of my night with God on that bridge.  Reminded that God is faithful to His word.

We don't have to strive to make things happen.

  He's just waiting for us to say 'yes' and trust.