Be still and know...

"Be still and know that I am God."

 Psalm 46:10

Still / at

remaining in place or at rest; motionless; stationary: to stand still.

I've got to admit this being still thing can be an issue for me.   I can remember getting in trouble by my parents and teachers for not being still.

I still struggle with it...not just being still physically, but being still in every way.

I don't believe the verse in Psalms 46 is just talking about being physically still.  I think we all know you can be still physically but not be at rest and be all over the place in your heart and mind.

When I was a young girl my mom would sometimes sit down in the hallway outside my bedroom door on nights when I was "struggling" to be still.   I'm guessing it was after she had become tired of going back and forth between what she was working on and having to stop to tell me to stop talking or to stay in bed.   Finally, after I'm sure what seemed like forever to her, I would get still and then fall asleep.

When my boys were little I had peeked in their room one night after they were asleep.    As I was looking at each of  their adorable sleeping faces I noticed my middle son was filthy.  (Confession: one of those days they were put to bed without a bath due to parental exhaustion.)  Matthew's face was covered with dirt and and not sure what else.  His tiny hand was still clutching a toy.  I remember my heart melting and going back in my room and writing about it to hopefully seal the memory.  My boy had a good day.  He lived it in full right up until sleep took over.  I loved that about him.

I don't know about you, but it's easy for me to look and feel a lot like that little boy.  Running and living my life till I'm completely worn out.

 Falling asleep ...a mess,

still clutching tightly to all that the day held,

the good and the bad.

My mom would be proud.

 Even though she's not having to sit outside my door I'm choosing to be still as much as possible this month.  It's not an easy thing to do.

There is always something or someone needing my attention.  Lot's of them good things, but  just like when I was a little girl and I didn't want to be still it is what I needed so desperately.

I love how this verse reads in the New English Translation

"Stop your striving and recognize that I am God!"

So even now as an adult when my flesh is resisting rest

I'm choosing to be still.