Chuck Norris, Psalm 31 woman, Jack Bauer and Moms

Yesterday was Mother's Day and besides having a blast hanging out all day with my 5  fabulous kiddos, I loved, loved, LOVED seeing all the pics on social media of all my mom friends and their children.

So many wonderful tributes written to celebrate Motherhood, but I have to admit this Facebook post written by my oldest sister about our mom is my 'fav' for the day!

Not that I didn't always think my mom was pretty incredible, but now as a mother of five myself  I think she was way beyond incredible!

Before you get all weighted down with not measuring up as a mom, let me explain.

She was incredible because she continued to be a mom...

In spite of having 5 children when she would have maybe preferred just one.  ;)

In spite of feeling overwhelmed at times with all the different responsibilities in her life.

In spite of caring for someone so much it hurt.

In spite of dealing with the same thing over and over and over and over again,

going to bed exhausted, only to wake up

 and start all over


Yet, that's what she did.


At the end of the day yesterday, I realized the moms that impacted my life the most weren't the ones who amazed me with their immaculate house and organizational skills,

And you know I love to design and decorate.

But it was the houses where we had to push over the "hopefully clean" unfolded laundry piled up on the couch to make room to sit.

Where the sink was piled with dirty dishes and there were stains on the counters and crumbs on the floor.


 Because people lived there.

Children were being raised there.

And that my friends is messy.

Beautiful, exhausting, rewarding and messy.

So in spite of...

let's carry on Moms.