Eggs, Bunnies and Easter

I really wish these kinds of thoughts didn't enter my mind... and I really wish I didn't feel the need to share them in a blog.

My blogs are just what has been filling journals and composition books for years.  The only reason I started putting them in blog form was for someone like me.

Someone who at times feels way too "normal" and at the same time so "abnormal".

This process isn't always easy for a recovering people pleaser personality like mine.

I'd be more comfortable just keeping my opinions to myself and having you like me.

I am happy to say, though, that at the age of 45 I am much more OK with you not liking what I say and instead of doing what I feel I'm supposed to.

With that said...

I woke up at 4:30 a few mornings ago thinking about eggs, bunnies and Easter.

Really...? yeah, that's what I was thinking too as I repeatedly tried to shut off my ADD brain and go back to sleep.

It didn't work and for the next 2 hours, my mind wondered about the traditions of Easter.

This led to my husband waking up to me asking him, "So remind me what bunnies have to do with Easter?!

I'm not going to use this blog to go into detail about how basically all of the "stuff" we do at Easter to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus are from pagan (not Christian) roots.

You can put Google to work and read for hours on the subject.

So I'll just share some of the thoughts I was having that morning...

"I need to start searching now in the garage for the kids' Easter baskets."

"Do I still have the colored grass for the baskets or do I need to buy more?"

"Why am I spending money on colored grass and candy to celebrate Jesus' resurrection?"

"Can I put that money to better use?"

"I love the tradition of coloring eggs!"

"The kids always have so much fun coloring eggs."

"Why do we color eggs to celebrate Easter?"

"Oh yeah, it represents new life!"

"Who came up with that again?"

I could go on and on... again, it was a few hours I was laying there!

Probably the most important question I had was...

Why do we as Christians feel the need to add something to this day?

Does the message of the Resurrection need a big hairy bunny and lots of eggs and chocolate to make it powerful?

Are we doing it for the kids?

Who are we doing it for?

What are we doing it for?

It reminds me of when my girls were little and it was Christmas time.  A family from church asked them what Santa was bringing.  The girls hesitated in answering (I think they didn't want to be the ones to inform the adult Santa wasn't real) so we answered and said, "we don't celebrate Santa."

This led to a conversation, which now included other families, about how we were cheating our kids from the fun of Christmas.  I explained how Christmas was always a memorable time for me growing up and I was never told "Santa" brought me presents.

I'm not a Santa basher, I just thought it would be odd having to explain to the girls we lied to them all their childhood about where their presents came from.  Would they think that one day we were going to drop the bomb that Jesus wasn't real either?

 Christmas and Easter are the most celebrated days in the Christian faith.  One day celebrating the birth of Jesus and one celebrating his death and resurrection.

I have to admit that when a majority in the Christian faith think about celebrating these days, their first thoughts would be of presents and trees and bunnies and eggs.

I wonder why we as Christians cannot celebrate the day for what the day is...

why the need to add to it?

If we are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, then let's do that.

Why do I feel pressure to buy cute colored Peeps and candy?

Maybe the candy companies are driving this train?

Why do I fear my kids are going to miss out on something if I don't participate in these things?

Along with that... I've got a lot on my plate.  I don't have endless time and energy to expend.

I'm really working hard to have the courage to say "yes" to those things I'm supposed to and "no" where it needs to be said.

I've raised 2 adults and have 3 more in process.  I'm thinking of their kids now...

what do I want to perpetuate?

These are the things I'm thinking about this Easter season.

Please don't feel like you have to hide your colored eggs from me.

No judgment here!

Just questions.