Hope this doesn't sound too weird, but I'm feeling like I did when I was anxiously awaiting the birth of one of my kids!

You know that butterfly feeling in your stomach when excitement and anxiousness is all rolled up together and you can't be still kind of feeling?

The feeling of  "I'm in over my head" yet knowing the overwhelming blessings and benefits of what being in over your head is bringing into your life!

I can't get past point one from this past week's sermon from our EXTRAVAGANT series:

God wants it all!

He wants me in over my head totally dependent on Him.

Living an extravagant life...

exceeding the bounds of reason.

He doesn't expect obedience only when I can wrap my brain around it

or when I "feel" totally comfortable with what He's calling me to.

Is that scary for me...?  you better believe it is!

But there's also a freedom in it

because like Ron shared on Sunday, "It's all His anyway."  So, it is kind of freeing to stop the resistance.

I just want to encourage you today to press into what God is doing in your life.

Just take one step at a time in obedience to what He is speaking to you...

I think you'll be amazed by where you'll end up!

I'm thinking it will be somewhere EXTRAVAGANT!