falling down...it's all part of the process

I recently found these in a box and started thinking back

to my child that wore these

when learning to walk...

None of my 5 children were considered "early" walkers.

I can remember as a young Mom feeling pressure and questioning what I was doing with first baby when a child her same age started walking at 8 months.

It was several months before Erica took her first steps and I was reminded we are all unique and no expert opinions or timetables should be our standard for progress or success.

All the scratches and worn spots reminded me of the the rough start in those shoes.

A start that involved excitement and fear all rolled up together.

A start that involved lots of falling down and lots of encouragement to get back up and then encouragement to take another step after getting up.

I don't remember us ever disciplining our 5 kids as they were learning to walk.

I remember inviting smiles and words to encourage action and moving forward.

I remember bending down and picking up children who were tired and needed a break from trying.

Sounds familiar huh?

Here's to hoping you are

growing + giving

yourself grace

at the start of this new year.


You Are Not Behind!!!

What someone else is doing is none of your business.

Not your life... Not your timetable

Not why YOU are here!!


You lose your balance when you stop focusing and looking straight ahead

and start looking at what's around you!

Falling down is part of the process...

keep getting up friend!