FALLing in Love with...ME!

This weeks message  in our FALLing in Love series was

FALLing in Love with ME!

Sounds like a funny title for a message, but actually this is something I really struggled with in the past.

I felt good if I did something for someone else, but guilty if I did something just for me.

I felt I was being selfish if I put my desires first.

I came to realize that you can only live for a period of time like this before you start feeling the repercussions of this type of thinking!

God loves me as much as anyone else and He desires for me to care for myself as much as I would someone else.

The truth is, the better I care for myself...the better I can care for others!

I think that's why we struggle with loving our neighbor at times because we aren't truly loving ourselves properly and allowing that love to flow through us.

A key scripture for this point is found in Matthew 22:36-38

Love the Lord your God with all your  heart, soul and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself !

Jesus told his disciples that this verse sums up what the life of a Christ follower should look like.

Our first goal is to love our God with everything that we have within us followed by

loving others with the same love that we have for ourselves.

Be encouraged today and know that the God of the universe planned and purposed YOU!

Go ahead, Love yourself because He loves everything about you.