As I've scrolled through social media feeds this morning my heart has been touched by the images of my Savior on the cross...

by scripture beautifully portraying this ultimate picture of love.

I've already "reposted" one I especially liked.

As I set aside my phone to start on something else, my mind was still on all that this day represents.  And as a Christ following, social media lover I felt a responsibility to share something that expressed my heart today.

It was as if everything I thought of posting felt shallow compared to the depth of all the truth that this day holds.

I started having flashbacks to Valentines Day

and the struggle to buy a card that says words that can make love feel so commercialized

and showy and leave me feeling shallow.

I realized there wasn't a pic out there that I could post that would ever fully capture what this day represents.

I was at a loss for words because there aren't enough words.

In that moment I realized, just like Ron doesn't want a card that tells him I love him on a certain day of the year...

He wants me to love him.

So as you've guessed...

besides the post I already shared from someone else on this Good Friday that's it...

I've decided the best way I can demonstrate to the world all that this day represents to me

is to live it.

I admit it's a lot easier for me to post a picture of the cross and my favorite verses that I love so dearly.

But choosing to live out freely and fully what this day represents

is my goal today...

and everyday.