how did I get here...

Please tell me I'm not the only Facebook user that has casually been scrolling through their news feed, clicked on a friends picture or status they posted and several minutes later you are mentally retracing your clicks and wondering  how you got to the person's page you are now on.

It happened again for me...

I ended up scrolling down the page of someone I haven't seen since I graduated from high school and went away to college.   The beautiful woman's hair is all gray now, yet her eyes and face still beam with the youthful radiance I had seen as a teenager.   I smiled as I scrolled down her page and saw pictures of her husband and their grown kids who now had children of their own.

 I started thinking about her family that had been part of my church where my Father pastored when I was growing up.  I remembered them having our family over for dinner and always loved that they had a big family too.  As I continued to scroll, I saw pictures she had posted about missing her Mom and how thankful she was for her and how she couldn't wait to see her again someday.

 I was surprised at the emotions I started to feel when I saw the picture she had posted of her mother, and I'm pretty sure this family probably never thought they influenced me in any great way.

Yet they had.

When I think about them and so many others,

I realize I am where I am today because of them.

People whose names are mainly unknown. Common people who loved God,

loved their families and shared that hope and love with those around them.

I'm sure they had family issues, financial pressures...

If they did that's not what I remember.

I remember the smiles, the hugs,

the sense of  belonging...

their love for God and for his house.

I saw in them a  joy in serving others,

by teaching a Sunday School class,

picking up a snotty nose kid on a bus,

making homemade goodies to share.

I saw people being there for each other in time of death,

and personal loss.

 I experienced people loving and praying for me

and teaching me God's word week after week.

 I saw people opening up their homes...

 for meals, game nights,

for slumber parties,

 or just because.

It got me thinking...

what will I be remembered for ?

It's been a tough week...

actually a tough year.

Things that have meant a lot to me have not turned out how I had planned.

Yet, I'm reminded today that years from now when someone is scrolling by my picture,

 or hears my name,

they won't remember what I think they will.