Let's Celebrate Mother's Day by Rescuing a Child!

Today we are celebrating Mothers.

 I honor and celebrate my Mother who every day modeled for me a life surrendered to God and a life of unselfishly serving others.  I celebrate all you Moms out there that give so much to your children.  EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I'm looking forward to spending the day with my 5 children and I feel so blessed. Yet I am so aware of those I am surrounded by that today is bittersweet...

A Mother that no longer remembers them...

a mother that is no longer here...

a mother who's heart is broken for her child...

a child's heart that is broken and longing for a Mother.

As this past week has been filled with thoughts about Mothers, I have been reminded again, that mothering is a gift.

And I see this gift shared so beautifully every day by those who have never biologically given birth to a child.

I celebrate you today,

I honor those of you that have raised siblings due to a death of a parent and those who stepped up after being abandoned by a parent.

It was hard and you did it.  And someones life is better because of you.

I have also thought about the Momma's I saw just a few weeks ago in Guatemala.

I remember the look of weariness in their eyes, the fear and uncertainty of what tomorrow would hold for them and their child.  I had a thought a few days ago of how we could honor and celebrate them.

So I'm inviting you on this Mother's Day 2015 to do something to make a difference in these Mother's lives.  I'm asking you to give something financially towards the Operation Baby Rescue Project.

When we all do something, it adds up!  So I don't care if all you have it a couple of bucks to give today... give it!  Don't put off giving now thinking you'll give later when you have more to give.  You can give again later, but do what you can today!

If you're not sure what I'm talking about giving towards you can read info on my website as well as the giving link.

Give today in honor of someone that has touched your life.  By doing so you will literally be saving a life!

Here we go...

I can't wait to see what we do!

Celebrating with you !

Susan xoxo