Motherhood, Leadership and Brownies!

I admit it...

I can tend to be a control freak.

It's something I have to work on and I'm happy to say

I have seen great improvements in my life in the last several years.

As a mother of 5 there's ALWAYS chores to be done... dishes and clothes to be washed, dried and put away!

I have to stop myself from just jumping in and cleaning up the piles that are starting to accumulate because there are more than a few others in my house that are fully capable of doing the task.

And, if I'm not doing the dishes or laundry, I could put my attention to something that only I can do.  Trust me, I still do plenty of dishes, and loads of laundry, but I'm doing my children, as well as myself, a disservice if I do it all the time.

Our tendency as mothers and leaders is to do the task that needs to be done ourselves.  Honestly, sometimes there is so much to do and my thought is, "I'd rather just knock it out myself, then have to explain it and recruit help" (especially when I know that it wont be done exactly the way I would have done it).

This past week was Thanksgiving and we made some pies and pumpkin cheesecake.  My youngest wanted some dessert, but the choices we had were not what he was looking for.  He did however spot what he was looking for in the pantry... a box of brownies.

So I agreed "we" could make them together.  He is 10 and besides making his own sandwich at times, he hasn't had much interest in the kitchen.

I went over how to read the directions on the box and together we added all the ingredients and made the brownies.  I could tell he had a proud moment and a few nights later he asked about making brownies again. (A pan of brownies doesn't last long in a family of 7).

I agreed and this time I let him do everything and I just watched and was available  if  he had any questions.  He did a great job and was excited to share the brownies with the rest of the family.

So... I wasn't surprised when a few nights later someone mentioned making brownies and Marcus excitedly said he would make them (We don't usually make brownies 3 times a week, but it was Thanksgiving with the added festivities of decorating for Christmas) .

I confidently told him he could... only this time on his own.  He successfully made the brownies that night all by himself!

It was a great reminder for me as a mom and a leader.  Nobody benefits from me doing everything for them all the time.

When we allow others room to grow... It's a win for everyone involved!