Ok friends, we're closing in and I need your help!

Ok friends, we're closing in and I need your help! In a month, I will be getting on a plane with some other ladies from Leading & Loving It to head to Guatemala where we are partnering with World Help to rescue 200 babies.

I teared up just typing that last line out...200 babies!! Aghh!! I am so excited about this project and knew immediately this was something I wanted to be part of! As you know I've been selling art pieces to raise money for this project. And so many of you have already partnered with me and I am so, so grateful! If you haven't yet, I would love for you to check out the info/video on susanbeth.com that explains a little more and consider being part of Operation Baby Rescue by purchasing an art piece. Thanks friends! I couldn't be doing this w/out you!!

Susan xoxo

(I just got a list of things like onesies & crib sheets that are needed so I'll post that info later!) ‪#‎purchasewithpurpose‬ ‪#‎worldhelp‬ ‪#‎operationbabyrescue‬ ‪#‎leadinglovingit‬‪#‎amplifyLOVE‬