Say Yes!

I went for a walk on the Riverwalk a few mornings ago.

I was needing the exercise...

needing the quiet time...

needing the reminder...

I had started a podcast as I left my building. Even though I was hearing the speaker I usually don't retain the first few minutes since I'm crossing a street and focused on getting past any traffic. I had only taken a few steps on the Riverwalk and as my eyes are taking in the beauty of this view

I hear the speaker say "The Supernatural starts with Yes"

And boy does it!

In that moment I again was reminded of my drive across that bridge late one night and tearfully saying "Yes" once again to the plans and purpose God has for me.

Plans that weren't laid out in detail before me. But a yes, to trusting him with the details of that plan.

Plans that have moved us to this part of the city

and have me continually in a place of trust and saying yes.


just a simple three letter word.

But it's powerpacked!

I think we often times discount the yes moments because we are expecting them to be more eventful or exciting. I personally have never had God use a burning bush to speak to me. But I've had him rock my world with quiet whispers in my spirit as I've nursed a baby in the middle of the night, or as I've been washing a sink full of dishes, and as I've driven across a bridge late at night on my way home from the hospital.

He speaks to us where we are.

We just usually miss him because we're looking for him somewhere else.

Don't miss hearing the invitation friend.

And when you hear it...

I hope you say yes.


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