Summer of 7 Recap

What a wonderful, wild  journey we've been on together these past 7 weeks!

It's been  fun hearing from so many of you that have jumped in and participated in some way during 7.

I've been amazed as I've run into some of you around town and also hearing from friends I've known through the years and you mentioning you've been following along this whole time.  I had no idea!

That has made the journey even sweeter for me!

And of course, a big shout out to my Amplify peeps and Thrive Sisters that have been on this 7 week adventure right along side me!

I know this summary in no way tells the complete story of Summer of Seven.  But hopefully it is a glimpse of some of what was experienced these last 7 weeks.

We hit the ground running in 7  with our first week being Food week.  Some of us only ate 7 kinds of food for the week, some did without 7 kinds of food and some only eat what was in their house for 7 days.  It was great start to our 7 week fast of denying our flesh what it is ScREaMiNg for!

During week two we learned to be grateful for each and every item that we put on our body.  We realized that having 7 articles to choose from that week was more choice than a lot of people have in the world.  We are blessed!

Week 3 was an incredibly freeing week as we gave and gave some more.

  1120 plus items were given away this week!

We gave away books, clothing, jewelry, towels, blankets, lamps,

pictures, kitchen things, toys,

furniture and a car.

As we dug deep and gave from our abundance we were blessed FAR more that those that received our stuff!

Week 4 we realized we CAN survive without the TV, computers, text messaging, tweeting, etc!

Week 5 we committed to be more conscience about how we might be contributing to waste in our communities.  We started recycling (if we weren't already), buying thrift and locally as well as making other changes to help us be more responsible in this area.

Week 6 we focused on where we spend our money.   We once again were hit with the realization of how blessed we are to even have these choices.

Week 7 was Stress week.  We focused on how God created the Sabbath for us and how we need to rest and be renewed  body, soul and spirit by acknowledging Him in our daily, weekly lives.

I know for myself, I'm different than I was 7 weeks ago starting this journey.

I feel "lighter" to run the race that is set before me.

My prayer is that the things we have experienced and learned will be forever in our hearts and mind!

Until the next adventure...