The last day of the year can bring all the feels!

I don't know how it is for you, but the last day of the year can bring all the feels!

It's 24 hours mixed with all the things this year brought to your life...

all the things you hoped the year would have brought to your life...

combined with a heart filled with hope and excitement about all the possibilities that this next year may bring.

Twenty-sixteen brought a significant birthday my way. I celebrated by buying a domain name and making a commitment to moving forward with some ideas for women I've had for years.

I'll be sharing lot's more about that in the coming days with the launch of the SHE IS NETWORK in January 2017.

(I got butterflies in my stomach just typing that last sentence!)

More to come on the SHE IS front...

today I plan on filling up the last pages of my 2016 journal and organizing my supplies to start making my first month for 2017.

My hope and prayer for you today

is that your hopes and dreams


than any fears or regrets.

If you wake up tomorrow

there's a reason...

so be ready to show up.

Peace out 2016,