I'm so excited!

We will be having our 1st Thrive Sisterhood meeting Sunday, February 12th.

This is a night for girls of all ages to come together to celebrate and learn from each other.

If your desire is to not just survive in this life, but to thrive and live the life you were created to live, then you don't want to miss this night!


To Flourish or Prosper

1. to grow vigorously

2. to progress toward or realize a goal despite of or because of circumstance


A community of sisters.

1. the solidarity of women based on shared conditions, experiences, or concerns

Our theme this semester for Thrive is Wholehearted.

  I am looking forward to our time together these next few months.

I love hearing your stories...

your struggles... your victories.

I love hearing how God is working in your life and I'm excited about an environment where that can be shared with more and more women.

I know God is going to do some incredible things in us these next few months as we choose to live Wholeheartedly the life we were created for!

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