we are her tribe.

I've been following Noel Yeatts posts about her time in India this past week. (If you don't follow her on social media you should!! Beyonce has nothing on her!)

The stories and images she has shared have been hard to get out of my mind.

They are stories of mothers and daughters...

I am both of those

and yet their stories are far different than mine.

They are stories of mothers selling their daughters into the sex trade as their method of survival. Their stories are heartbreaking,

and sadly this lifestyle of cultural slavery and prostitution is the norm.

I'm struggling to write these words because of the weight of this issue and the inadequacy I feel to make any kind of difference.

But I know that's a major part of the problem.

It seems so big and we don't know where to start so we never do.

Here's what I know today...

I do have a voice and I do have a choice to say something.

There's lots of talk about finding "your tribe" and "your people." Well when I saw the faces of these mothers and daughters this week I saw my people .

I saw a tribe of beautiful, abused and oppressed women that are alive and on this planet at the same time as me. I'm so thankful for Noel and World Help for sharing their stories and giving a voice to these precious women.

So what can we do now that we have heard the stories?

Here's a starting point... you can go here to get more info on how you can help sponsor one of these girls in Banchara, India. This sponsorship will help provide a safe place to live, an education and hope for a better way of living.

for our tribe,

Susan xo