Wholeheartedly "Undone"

It's exciting to see what God is doing with this message of living Wholeheartedly!

I wanted to share a blog with you that I read last night from my friend, Jonathan Stone.

It reminded me of what we are talking about in living our lives wholeheartedly.


1. Completely and sincerely devoted, determined, or enthusiastic

2. Marked by complete earnest commitment: free from all reserve or hesitation

Some of the most powerful moments  in my life have been when I have chosen to put action to what is stirring in my heart.

Moments where I've made the choice to appear foolish or misunderstood...

Moments where the choice was made from a sincere, devoted and enthusiastic heart...

Free from all reserve and hesistation.

Life changing moments of being undone.

Undone by Jonathon Stone