You can have it all...just not all at once!

As a young mother I struggled at times with the statement, 

"You can have it all!"

Most of the time this statement was referring to you can be a wife, mother and still pursue your personal dreams.  I would go through endless cycles of trying to organize my life into making this statement a reality.


Then finally one day I heard someone say, 

"You can have it all...just not all at once!"


That set me free from my constant frustration of thinking if I just tried a little harder I could do it all.  I started looking at my life more in terms of seasons and made a decision to be present and enjoy each one because as we all know seasons change.

In my early days of motherhood, the majority of my day was spent mothering.  My first two children were less than 2 years apart and there was less than 4 years between my last three!    Most of my time was spent changing diapers, fixing meals, cleaning up from meals, home schooling those that were school age, bathing children and putting children to bed.  Only to wake up the next day and do it all over again :)

My days look different today than when I had a houseful of little ones. Now that my children are older and more independent, they can fix their own food when they are hungry and thankfully can even clean up the kitchen and with the exception of two of my boys (that need an occasional reminder) all are pretty good at the bathing part ;)  So as their independence has grown, so has the amount of time that I can pursue other things that I have in my heart.

I am still in the middle of child rearing enough to not totally relate to the "It will be over before you know it!" statement made by older mothers. But, I will say I have always taken that statement to heart and have never wanted to have any regret of not enjoying this season of motherhood because I was "wanting to have it all!"

Because of this, when my oldest daughter moved to her own place a few months ago, I think I was as excited about her new place as much as she was!  Not because I was ready to get her out of my house, but because I had totally been there in every season of her growing up so it was just the next season of our mother-daughter relationship.  There wasn't sadness and there were no regrets. I love that girl and love seeing her giving expression to who God created her to be as she grows older each year.

As a woman, there are many roles we are called to play.  Each different role emphasized more in certain seasons. 

Be the star in the leading role and enjoy each season of YOUR story.


No regrets!