Village Transformation

In April 2015 I was part of an Operation Baby Rescue Trip in Guatemala.  After seeing the devastating impact that the lack of clean  water and nutrition brings, I left this beautiful country committed to doing my part to help in whatever small way I could.  Partnering with World Help was easy after witnessing the incredible work taking place through their partner, Hope of Life, to rescue and provide continued support to these children and their families. Together, as of March 2016, we have raised money to rescue 5 of these precious babies!

My husband Ron had the opportunity to visit Guatemala this past February.  He was able to travel to some of these remote villages and learned that by providing clean water we can build a preventative step in these babies needing to be rescued.  A Village Transformation also provides a school and potential church building which can assist in not only the physical, but spiritual care of the Village.  
By working with World Help (US) & Hope of Life (Guatemala) we can build a strong partnership for a needed Village.  We are in the process of ADOPTING a Village where over time we can bring the needed transformation.  Working with these two great organizations, we will help develop a sustainable, non-dependent future for this community.

We are committed to see this transformation and we are inviting you to partner with us! Our first goal is providing a fresh water well for this village.  $15,000 will bring fresh, running water to the village.  Not only can we provide for the water, but the project can provide needed jobs for the villagers who, for some, live off of $2 a day.

This is a long term project for us as we are not just providing for a need, but we are adopting a village and with that a group of people whom God cares about.

Please consider joining us on this journey.  We are excited about the adventure ahead!

Amplifying Love Together!
Ron & Susan Morris